For Aspiring Photographers


My journey into and through photography has been quite a ride! I love photographing faces and families and I would like to share with you the skills and tricks that I have learned along the way. It has taken many years and many trials and errors to reach the skill level that I have right now. I love to share my knowledge with others and help with their process of grasping photographic concepts that I struggled to grasp early on in my photography journey.

My present workshop offering is for those who are just getting started in their digital photography journey, who would really like to know how to understand and utilize their DSLR camera. Join me during one of my workshops for a hands-on experience where I explain basic photography concepts Рand turn your camera from a foe to friend!

I hope to help you find the joy and gratification in photography as well as to help you find your own niche and what makes you come alive when photographing! It is my goal to assist workshop attendees to attain creative control of their photographs.

*Please stay tuned for workshop dates!

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